Marketing translations

Marketing, communication and advertising are three things to be taken into account in this field. Marketing is an English concept encompassing a set of tools and systems dedicated to analysing the behaviour and relationship of companies with the market (i.e., the value created, how you communicate it and how you deliver it) with the aim of optimizing and improving sales by satisfying the clients’ needs and thus achieving a benefit for both parties.

Through this view, communication is one of the four marketing tools, through which your target audience is informed, persuaded or reminded about the product or service you want to sell, such as advertising.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the importance of this type of translation, since the promotion and acquisition of new clients in the international market depends largely on it, as well as the clients’ loyalty to increase the sales of a company. They represent a business card and are part of the corporate identity of your company.

Translators have to deal with texts with a special level of difficulty, since in addition to knowing the working languages, translators must be able to overcome cultural, style-related and interpretation differences. Through all the linguistic and cultural resources available, translators must transmit the same sense of the original text in the target market, communicating and adapting the message in the most appropriate way, so that it achieves the aim for which they were created.


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