Technical translations

In an increasingly interconnected world, with a huge daily exchange of products, appliances, machinery, engineering services, etc. the quality and accuracy of a technical translations is of utmost importance. In order to guarantee a highest precision, readability and understanding of the translations of technical manuals, we count with a huge database of translators working in a wide range of linguistic combinations and specialized in areas such as architecture, construction, machinery, the auto mobile sector, etc

Through the translation and review process we make use of databases, dictionaries, glossaries and specialized documentation, which together with the work of our professional reviewers aim to keep the terminological consistency and verify the absence of any errors. Given these are errors that can slip away the human eye, in Mosaik we apply the best automatic quality assurance (QA) tools capable of detecting these failures in a matter of seconds. In this way, we can guarantee an optimal result in the target language, adjusted to the highest quality standards along with a precise and natural style. Below some examples of the technical texts translated by Mosaik: