Web and SEO translations

Web or website translation, together with the translation of software or video games, is also known in a broader sense under the name of localization. Nowadays, it is increasingly important to have a good SEO strategy. The translation of web pages gives access to the international market, making possible to offer products and services to any global audience. Customers and consumers buy and feel more comfortable if they can find the information adapted to their own culture and local needs in their own language; therefore, the access to new visitors and potential clients will give your business more visibility.

Consequently, website translations require the modification and adaptation of the source text to create a service or product that is understandable and can be marketed in the target market, while keeping the identity of the original brand. When it comes to the localization of websites, the aspects to be taken into account and adapted to the target public or market are the cultural elements, colours used, customs, traditions, etc.

While translating web pages, it is also important in the process to take into account the SEO strategy to be followed for our website to have a good position in Internet searches. Choosing the right words will improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your web page, making it more visible to the search engines.