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Legal Translations

The legal translation consists of translating legal documents, whether public (official documents issued by an Administration or a Public Body) or private (written to regulate a certain legal business between individuals or companies), such as articles of incorporation, contracts, testaments, notarial documents, certificates, university degrees, etc.

The particular language and the concepts used in this type of texts make this type of translation difficult for those untrained in this field. As usual in specialized texts, those professionals working in a particular specialisation must be trained in their working area. In this case, when dealing with legal translations, these professionals must have a particular training in law aimed to achieve a hight quality translation true to the original sense.

Theses are a few examples of the legal texts translated by Mosaik:

  • Trade and financial contracts
  • Power of attorneys and deeds
  • Labour related documentation
  • Wills and trust deeds
  • Articles of association
  • Insurance policies
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • Foreign laws and legislation
  • Judicial decisions
  • Arbitration proceedings

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