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How we work.

In Mosaik we adapt to the particular characteristics of each project and we treat it individually from the quote request to the delivery of the corresponding translation to the client. For each project we follow a strict process with different steps where our personalized attention is combined with the most advanced translation and QA tools. The aim is to achieve the highest quality outcome at the shortest deadline possible depending on the characteristics of each project.



Study of the files and quote

Depending on each project, we will carry out a detailed analysis of the documents to be translated and prepare a quote determined by factors such as the type of files, the field of specialization, the desired deadline and the availability of the best resources for the execution of the project in the most optimal way possible.



Assignment to translators as per the project needs

Upon confirmation of the quote, we will prepare the files to be translated and we will select the translator that best suits your project needs from our database.



Translation to the requested languages and project management

During the project, there are frequent issues related to translation or problems related to the project itself. In this case, we take care personally to solve any unforeseen event by acting as intermediaries between the linguist and the client. The aim is to guarantee the best quality of the product and its timely delivery.


Proofreading / QA

Proofreading and Quality Assurance

Once we receive the translation in the desired languages, we carry out the review and quality assurance using the most advanced automated QA tools. In case the final document is translated into our mother tongue, the proofreading will be performed in house. Otherwise, the translation will be sent to a native proofreader who will perform a final revision before the final delivery to the client within the requested deadline.

Only the best profiles

Selection of translators and quality assurance

We only select those translators and proofreaders who have specific training in translation, philology or similar along with a proven experience in the fields of expertise they claim to have. The professionals with the best profile must go through some very strict translation tests based on the specialization in which they wish to collaborate with us. This test is reviewed by verified translators in the relevant field and we only add to our database those translators who have the best profile and the best assessment.

On the other hand, in each assignment we carry out rigorous quality controls based not only our project managers’ eyes, but also on the best QA tools. In this way, we can avoid not only easily detectable typographical or grammatical errors, but also we can ensure a terminological and style consistency throughout the same project. Bearing this in mind, we can also create glossaries that once approved by the client will be used in all the client’s QA processes.

Of course, upon delivery of the translation, your opinion also counts. It is always important to count with our client’s assessment on the final product, style adaptation, terminology, etc. Should any result be unsatisfactory, we would love to have an opinion on the basis of which we can ensure a better result in the next projects.