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Audiovisual Translations

Audiovisual translations are present in our daily life, i.e. such as in series and films we watch everyday

Financial Translations

Financial transactions take place every day in the labour market, where companies strongly compete every day to grow and stand out.

Legal Translations

The legal translation consists of translating legal documents, whether public (official documents issued by an Administration or a Public Body) or private.

Marketing Translations

Marketing, communication and advertising are three things to be taken into account in this field.

Scientific Translations

There is an increased demand within the scientific research and dissemination to translate specialized texts and documentation to professional translators.

Sworn Translations

This is a type of translation required for those documents written in another language required to have legal effect before any official body to which it is submitted, thus gaining an official status before these authorities.

Technical Translations

In an increasingly interconnected world, with a huge daily exchange of products, appliances, machinery, engineering services, etc. the quality and accuracy of a technical translations is of utmost importance.

Web Translations

Web or website translation, together with the translation of software or video games, is also known in a broader sense under the name of localization.

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